Versuri KEKAL - Embrace The Dead

Album: KEKAL - Embrace The Dead

"Another down of day arrives
But still nothing new under the sun
I'm waiting for the night again
Can't stand the hate whe I wake up"

"People come and go bite each other
There is no sign of peaceful life
Our hearts were filled with pain
As we did not know how to deal with hate"

A nature of mankind, we are dead since birth
Unware to the reality that we've sinned
Knowledge and wisdom have been cleared from our minds
All lead to consequence of eternal destruction

Merciful God really feels all our pain
Yes, He cries when we cry
He is hurt when we are hurt
"I will not let his happen
My love will protect you
From the hell that is approaching..."

The come His grace upon Earth
Through the emaculate conception
And the virgin birth
Son is sent to embrace the dead
And his death give us eternal life

No ressurection withou Christ
No incarnation without love

"If I know how much love God gives me
That The Unsinned had to get torture
Why should I refuse to accept this grace?"

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