Versuri KEKAL - Scripture Before Struggle

Album: KEKAL - Embrace The Dead

In this world, the land that God created
Men must join together as one
But now, when hatred surrounds
Then we ask, "can we share this life together?"

Won't you take a look at our brothers and sisters
How many of them
Who let their souls being strayed?
Some people learn from all these tragedies
Bu themselves, they cannot help and save

So take a little time to think of it
Before everything's too late
About the world and the living
Which not eternal nor endless

"In years later,
All will realize what they have done
And they will try to throw the others the blame
Though it's still possible for us to cease
But it won't be the same as before"

Nothing same, every thinge changes
It's not the same anymore
This is Scripture before struggle
Before you go to the battle