Versuri KEKAL - The Fearless And The Dedicated

Album: KEKAL - Embrace The Dead

Thousand years ago
In the first years of the Church
Terrors aimed to the Apostles...
...because of following the Truth
Authorities opposed their teachings
Of love, hope, and faith
And if they couldn't find something to dispute
Oppression rose through the abuse of power

Those with thoughts of evil
Hate the Word of God
They tried to stop the spirit of enlightenment
Attacking those that have a heart
And love for Life
But the fearless ones are never giving up
Believe in the guidance of The Lord

Stand for the truth
Follow the way conscience goes
No one can stop your fire sincerity
Keep on fighting
Against all conspiracies
That based on the false intentions

There have been times of persecutions
And still present until today
In these wicked days, it's not an easy way
Through trials by fire faith is strengthen

Many people have gone away
Given up what they believe
If you live in fear then pray
God will give His children a power to

Fight, for the truth
A call of humanity
Never, feed the flesh...
...and give a chance to this wicked world