Versuri Khanate - Clean My Heart

Album: Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul

Ribs and liquid and begging
Beg me
Beg me garbage
Brought you here to beg
Beg me human
Sometimes I am alive
Alive sometimes
You're in your place
I put you there
With no heart
Flounder human
Seize your tongue
The begging stops
Sometimes I control
I king of garbage
In control
King human
I brought you here
With no heart
Ribs and liquid and begging
Beg me
I'll take your heart
Beg me you garbage
Beg me tongueless human
Washtub and acid and bleach
Clean my heart
I am demon and human and garbage and heartless
And human
Demon you brought me here with no heart
Sometimes I am king of garbage
King human
I brought you here alive with no heart
Down the drain

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