Versuri Khanate - In That Corner

Album: Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul

I made this corner for you to stand in
Prison I wrought
To speak brings torture
Words are war
A voice means you get cut
Don't you talk
Don't you move
Don't move
Stay in that corner

I made this box for you to soak in
Slump over folded
Don't unfold
How dare you tremble?
Box trembles
Kick when I want
Stay folded
Stay in that box
Don't dare shiver
Don't you move
In that box

I dug this trench for you to drain in
A cheerless day
Don't hold on
How dare you hold on?
Dispute the blurry
Arms legs flail
Slow river flow
Don't you move
A kick will fix it
Stay in that trench
In that box
In the corner

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