Versuri Kid Rock - Desperate-Rado

Back in the muther fuckin saddle
my six shooter strapped and I'm lookin for a battle
Out on the plains I'm just a loner
my saddle horn rubs right and yo it's givin me a boner
I got thoughts of Annie Oakley
but that buck toothed tramp in that last town she broke me
And we didn't even f**k
I gave my last gold tooth 'n gold nugget to get my dick sucked
3 days out on the frontier
and I'd kill for a cheap whore and a barrel of cold beer
I need a slut for a service
I take a peak at the shiip and they all run away nervous
Man I gotta get my rocks off
cuz my Wranglers don't fit right unless my cock's soft
Long nights by the fire me a Trigger.....go figure

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