Versuri Kid Rock - I Wanna Go Back

Cause I remember way back when
Got kicked out the crib and had a place to stay in the Clem
With some friends George and Jay
It was a funky fresh crew and I'd DJ
What a shock it was to be on the steps
Comin from a nice home now livin in the projects
No regrets cause I learned alot
And I earned alot in the parking lot
Doin dirt for the O.Gs slangin rock
They used to call me that little white kid
Who could rock on the two turntables
And that aint no fable
Watchin' Eddie Murphy instead of Clark Gable
My whole life style switched Hoss
Puttin in hours at the 76 car wash
But I could never wait for them weekends to come
Dum ditty dum ditty ditty dum dum
Boom, chick boom, the bass went
On turntables fuckin it up in Duke's basement
Groove time productions, we kept the jam jumpin
Open up your ears Im tryin to tell you somethin
And give some love back to those who loved me
206 Court street and my second mom Tracy
Little Keesha and Cole
My mellow blow, and my homegirl Flo
Rock round see, you could find me some
But I kept my tables in the crib when I wasnt in the club
Tom Rich and Mike Shafer used to give me rides
And buy me groceries when I didn't have no paper
And Im grateful for this
Sometimes I look back and it's these times I miss
Making demos on my old four track

Sometimes I cant help but think, I Wanna Go Back I Wanna Go Back

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