Versuri Kid Rock - Son Of Detroit

I like to play Hank Williams Jr. Records
Just as loud as they will rock
I'm into lynerd skynerd Run DMC
And that American Pimp Kid Rock
I like Willie, Waylon, George and Merle and alot of ZZ Top
I like country, soul, rock-n-roll
And I love me some hip hop

I'm a redneck redneck rock-n-roll
Son of detroit
I don't like no new wave
Techno bands around
I'm a drink a couple dozen beers
Go out and jam some gears
I'm a long haired redneck rock-n-roll
Son of detroit

I got bougart and west coast chopper
That sure makes them b*****s stare
Got a dead flamingo wrapped around this cowboy hat I wear
I like 2 cuss, yell, scream, fight
And raise all kinds of hell
And if you ride to live like I live to ride
Then let me hear that rebel yell

I like my whiskey straight up daiquiris
Make me ill
And if someone touches my beaver skins
I get mad enought to kill
I got a rifle rack in my pick up truck
Im a four wheelin maniac
And if you wanna race
Just name the place
And I'll show you where its at