Versuri KINETIC - Enganging Web

Album: KINETIC - The Chains That Bind Us

Venomous trap set by the morbid creature
Twisting your mind and locking your eyes
Following the mass of Dead in a dance macabre
Madness overtakes your thoughts and poison runs through your veins

Engaging Web
Engaging Hell

The game starts up but who cares for all the rest?
The dream world seems to be always honest and clear
Crossing the path of thoughts, walking onto the side of truth
Life's concept seems to be terrible

... but is this the truth? Who's able to answer?...

Caught in this nightmarish web
Your fate at spider's hands
Passion's victim, now death is your fried
These dark wings warm you in the night

The friend now summons
Nightmares are your dreams
How funny is life when a man has a hold over it
But now the laughter echoes in your head
When things around start to be veritable

Trying to escape but there's no turning back
This never ending torment leads you to the grave
Your gray world in your soulless body is now fact
Try this last pinch in your arm

And the sunset kisses you...Goodbye .

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