Versuri KINETIC - Free And Pure

Album: KINETIC - The Chains That Bind Us

My tears won't resurrect you-and I know that
This is my last offer to you but you don't deserve it
Your tombstone seems to be untainted-so ironic
'Cause you were as filthy as a gutter
No human soul inside you when you were among us
A sea of immorality has flooded up your mind

You tried to build me in your image, coarse and disgraceful
And I'm still wondering how have you succeeded

Father, let this dirt that covers you to be cursed
Let your sinful heritage never let you rest
Free and pure was my paragon for living
The sense you scorched - teaching me your doctrines for life

Your only goal creating victimizers -I'm but one of them
Making us walk your path
Making us believe that's the way to succeed

I wish I could turn back time
I wish I could overturn all your accomplished tasks
I know now, this is impossible
Your speckle on me now never fades
Even your death can't erase it

I'll curse you till I die

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