Versuri KINETIC - Holy Instinct

Album: KINETIC - The Chains That Bind Us

Penetration Of Corrosion in our world
Slaves of torment bow to the unknown punisher
The morbid fantasy then comes to answer
The Holy Questions that fade beneath the sky

Pulverizing of minds-make the people
Eternally rot under hypnotizing melody's grave
After centuries of crimes against the Human Spirit
Everything seems to retain in the same cursed way

Lies... Lies!!! Fake answers, shutter reality

Martyrs' books controlled by twisted minds
Tried to open some closed eyes, the show the way to freedom
But laws were put upside-down and Violence replaced the Honor
Repulsion and contradiction, the only friends of today
Maniacs tear the Mortality apart
And only a lost Marvel can save this world of disorder

People gain immunity to the evil
Spilling blood and raping life to an unholy sacrifice
Mother Earth is watching us and cries
Feeding us with her tears to continue...

...We continue walking the way
That Someone from above tried to show
And the Others from below loved to destort...

Deny Them!!!

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