Versuri KINETIC - Realms Of Nightmare

Album: KINETIC - The Chains That Bind Us

Scan in the daylight to find out the morning star
In the twilight that holds your dreams lost by far

He's out there to haunt you
He holds your dreams within your head
When nightmare surrounds you
You scream but no-one's here

In the dark-screaming in the dark
An endless maze that surrounds you
In the dark-screaming in the dark
Till your voice is faint
And nightmare come to haunt you

Welcome to your nightmare in the land of the condemned
Die-die in your dream and you will be forever dead

He lurks in the shadows
You hear his claws slashing through the air
Don't beg him for mercy
He'll cut you down

Lost horizon-lost in mind and your nightmare is still around you
Lost horizon-lost in daylight and your nightmare still attacks
Lost horizon-lost in mind see his claws being still behind you
Los horizon-lost in dark feel your voice modified to screams

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