Versuri KINETIC - The NeverEnding Winter

Album: KINETIC - The Chains That Bind Us

Exhausted I stood on the top of this mountain
Looking everything from this point seems enchanting
Black is soul-black is my soul's garment
My mind is clouded and empty

Got tired of fighting for my dreams
No reciprocations for my endeavors
Funny it may seems what I'm saying
But I fought for simple causes

Never ending winter here is the king-reigns inside me
I think I like this feeling since everything seems so elusive
Never ending winter here is the king-lies inside me
I really like this feeling-just to live with it

Loving to fight for some is a sin
Loving to live is supposed to be damp
There aren't like me much left
That did I realize in my life's short span

Soul, emotion, flesh-ideal combination when working flawlessly
But this has to happen to everyone
When winter is king in Humans 'souls
Remote they do become

In my self-exile I find redemption
At least I am alone
Away from decay that slowly eats up everything
Trying to start over

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