Versuri Kings Of Leon - Manhattan

Album: Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night

I could dance all night
And some of the day
That's how I play
That's how I play

I say who are you
No matter who you are
So you dance all night
And you dance all day

I say
I say

Gonna build a fire
Gonna smoke it up
Gonna sip this wine
And pass the cup

These avenues and
These reseviors
We gonna show this town
How to kiss these stars

I say
I say

You've come to kill
Gonna spend it high
Your parents grieve
I know they are right

And then talking to you
Well they calm you down
So it's all for you
Who let you down

I say
I say
I say
I say

Just wanna take you hand
I'm gonna drive you home
Just gonna keep on
Keep on, keep on
And you gonna have a rest

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