Versuri Kirkkopalovaroitus - As Serpents Here

Album: Kirkkopalovaroitus - Pure Unholy Free Existence

As low as you can imagine yourself here
in the deepening decrepitude of imagination
I know you were a human being a long ago
But I also know this death, of your loss

As serpents we are come upon the world
As wolves we are come to butcher humanity
Some fools believing in ludicrous things
Dreaming of the plague of our release

There is no life, nor shall there be a future
Too many years have passed since the funeral
Of all human understanding of what is real
So many years, ages ago, feel my heart wrenched

As shadows also we are come upon the world
While our secondary illusion was so long gone
As black wolves we were come upon the lambs
Driving all your dreams into extinction

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