Versuri Kirkkopalovaroitus - Deathlike Embrace

Album: Kirkkopalovaroitus - Pure Unholy Free Existence

Shadows of the corpselike dreams you have
In your forgotten wishes unto a bleak nothingness
Clouds of uncertainty given toward a death
Of the human existence, a total demoralization

Bleach the bones of the crownless empty king
A great shadow beyond the world of understanding
Succumb to the foe-words of the nameless thing
A bleak nightmare that has never even existed

Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Enter my dreamlike embrace, said he who never bled
Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Come into being with my slow, hopeless decay

Denied the fleeting joy of a secondary creation
Prowling in the corners of this another world
So beautiful a world, without your f*****g damnation
Deathlike embrace of the pure free unholy existence.

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