Versuri Kiuas - Kiuassault

Album: Kiuas - Lustdriven

We are the fist aimed straight at you
It's nothing personal, it's just what we do
Our might unleashed again
We remain untamed, unscarred, unconquered

It's on, no fear, remorse
f**k the keys, kick down the doors
Always more is more
Same rules for music, booze, sex, love, and war

I see the fear in your eyes
Time to wipe away what we despise

With cold and brutal execution
Chaotic but precise
We are stealing your demise

Sworn allegiance to the gods that
Reign within ourselves
We are your heaven and your hell
(Your heaven and your hell)

You and I were a different breed
I will triumph and you will bleed
So it's not your fault
If you can't withstand the Kiuassault

We're an endless power source
Over pouring raw and brutal force
While you slowly rot
We turn up the gain, smile and rock