Versuri Kiuas - Lights Are Many

Album: Kiuas - Lustdriven

The glass in front of me, half empty
Why do I fill it with what only poisons me
Is it the hope that lives inside
That hungers forevermore
Is it the child high on his dreams
Clinging on to his fantasy world

Who wants me to walk through the flames
Knowing I'll hurt again
Always forcing me to return
And relive the pain again

She was the light behind the door
That should have been sealed forevermore
Weak as I was
My lust would seal my misfortune

Again I will walk the path that burns
No matter how much it's gonna hurt
Because in the end
The lights are many, and nights are long

Once upon a time
My heart was content alone
Until a star woke it up with the light it shone
I used to burn my wings to the bone
Then always grow them back
After each radiant sun would burn me
And then would turn to black

But I failed to see the truth
Now I can smile
The damage undone
Finally I have learned
That I am the sun