Versuri Kiuas - Of Love, Lust And Human Nature

Album: Kiuas - Lustdriven

Sweet lips, intoxicating
Sultry eyes that stare, waiting
To lure the hungry heart
Into a deadly trap

Innocent and pure, it seems
On both of us the shadow feeds
Perverted are its needs
But it seems we have no choice

Sweet eyes, so warm
So pure, the love they offer
Still free of all the filth
That turns hearts into debris

Love, lust, and passion
Create both good and evil
Blue eyes, beware, there are
No refunds or guarantees

If love must fail
Then lust sure will prevail
And when both fall
Hate will conquer all

If I can't give, I'll take
Accept this fate, be fueled by my hate
At least I know
It's always there for me

Temptress, I burn
Open your heart and trust me
I'll prove my worth
I hope to tear down your delusions

I fear no death
No foe can ever match me
Yet you could break me leaving only confusion

Sweet eyes, once pure
Just like the love they offered
Now stay devoted to the path of seduction

Made up your mind
Held back the warmth in your eyes
Are you prepared?
This road might be your destruction

My flesh, my heart
My soul adorned by a scar
They're still all mine until my dying day

I've crossed the line
It is too late for me now
You did me in, I've taken the darker way