Versuri Kiuas - The Visionary

Album: Kiuas - Lustdriven

To dreams of might
In his mind's bleeding light
Securely the dreamer is bound

Building his empire in the clouds
That will come to exist through sound
In his dreams he would show them all
Declaring in hard, silent words
"False prophets and witches will burn
My judgement now be heard!"

Immersed in arcane secrets so ghastly to the common man
Limitless is the power of will as it yields to his command

Now - as my vision will come alive
To my kingdom I will arrive
Soon - it won't be long
Until all of the world hears my song
Hear - ye of little faith now be warned
'Cause infidels won't be mourned
This day you can't avoid
My vision cannot be destroyed

Facing a cold reality
Is where I now must make my stand
For that is the way, the only way
That makes the overman

Brick by brick
And with endless sweat
Dreams turn from air to stone
My vision hold and I surely know
The stones will turn to gold

I am passionate in my pursuits with a temper to match
There is no choice opposition must be wiped away from my path

I cry out to the skies the wind shall carry my name
I'm wild, free, and pure, and I can't be tamed
The dreamer's nature restlessly feeds its desire
A curse and a blessing it is that no force can put
Out my relentless fire