Versuri Kiuas - Winters Sting

Album: Kiuas - Lustdriven

New moon ascends to join the welkin so black
Thick sheets of white lie where I once lay
Stroking soft curls
Of talent for survival speak the claw-figured tracks
Winter's sting breaks out the best in both beast and man

Gone is the light
The ice has buried
The last of those warm summer memories
New dreams in sight
For those who can see
There is strength in the darkness and secrets to be learned

Reach out for the new wisdom
Now is the time
Safe in your chamber
Let the cold wind blow
Build up your strength and knowledge
Don't look behind
Enjoy and wonder your creation's flow

Human emotions like seasons they change
Tender and sweet can be the touch of a hunter
Passionate nights just to pass the summer away
A heart hard as iron now beats strong but alone