Trash (ver2) Tab - Korn

maan b.(
this is the first tab i ever submitted  it is kindda  easy but you have to be fast 
hope you like it (korn uses a 7 string guitar but it'll be okey if you used a 6 
string cuz you wont need the 7th)

(Intro and Chorus Guitars 1 and 2)

d ||----------------------------------------------------------
A ||----------------------------------------------------------
F ||----------------------------------------------------------
C ||--4--4--4--2--7--9--5--4--2--4----4--2--7--9--5--4--2--4--
G ||--4--4--4--2--7--9--5--4--2--4----4--2--7--9--5--4--2--4--
D ||--2--2--2--0--5--7--3--2--0--2----2--0--5--7--3--2--0--2--

(Distortion w/ Flanger and/or Phaser)


d ||--9--11----------11------| 
A ||---------10--10------10--|
F ||-------------------------|
C ||-------------------------|
G ||-------------------------|
D ||-------------------------|

(Clean with Chorus Effect)

(Pre Chorus)

d ||---------------------------------------|
A ||---------------------------------------|
F ||--6/5/6--6/5/6---7--6/5/6--6/5/6----5--|
C ||--6/5/6--6/5/6---7--6/5/6--6/5/6----5--|
G ||--4/3/4--4/3/4---5--4/3/4--4/3/4----3--|
D ||---------------------------------------|

(Heavy Distortion)

this would be righ if you played it with a band or something but any way listen to 
song to get the time right hope you enjoy it . if you got any thing to say about 
it just e-mail me or add me to the msn messanger list.  

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