Korn au lansat o piesa in colaborare cu Corey Taylor de la Slipknot

de Andreea Gherfi

Korn au lansat o piesa in colaborare cu Corey Taylor de la Slipknot

Korn si Corey Taylor, solistul formatiei Slipknot, au pus de-o colaborare serioasa, iar produsul muncii lor a rezultat intr-o monstruozitate muzicala intitulata "A Different World". Piesa este extrasa de pe noul album Korn, "The Serenity Of Suffering", ce urmeaza a fi lansat pe 21 Octombrie.

"The Serenity Of Suffering" tracklist:


2.Rotting in Vain

3.Black Is the Soul

4.The Hating

5.A Different World" (feat. Corey Taylor)

6.Take Me

7.Everything Falls Apart

8.Die Yet Another Night

9.When You're Not There

10.Next in Line

11.Please Come for Me

"We were trying to figure out who we wanted to collaborate with, and I’m like, ‘You know, that’s the one, that’s the guy'”. “And I texted him, I’m like, ‘Do you want to be on a new Korn track?’ He’s all, ‘Hell yeah! When and where, what do I do?’ So he did great on the song. I already did my parts, I’m like, ‘Do what you do, man.’ And I like the way he did it, the approach: he starts creeping in underneath the song, you can start slowly hearing his voice under mine, and it crescendos up into the middle part where he sings, and then it’s just full-on at the end, so the song came out great.", a marturisit Jonathan Davis

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