Versuri Korn - Wicked

Yo Chuck, we got runnin mixes in da headphones. . .

Ha Ha 1. .2. .3 and I come with the wicked style
and you know that I'm from the wicked crew, you act like you knew
But I got everybody jumping to the voodoo
You kickin wicked rhymes, picket signs, while me and my mob got
a t
Drop then I'll slay ya, bang, bang, birthday for the A-hole
Ready to Buck! Buck! Buck! but it's a must to Duck! Duck! Duck!
Before I bust ya!
Looking for the one that did it
You want my vote, no your never gonna get it
Cause I'm the one with the tight mad skills
And I won't choke like the Buffalo Bills, Sittin at the pad just chillin
Larry Parker just got 2 million, Oh what a f*****g feeling
That n****r done past me the peel, and I slam dunk it like Shaquille
Wicked, Wreckin
Baby, I'll rock that test tube baby, take it. . .

'Cause I get Wicked! I told them not to keep on their fire
Yes I Wicked! I told them not to keep on their fire
Yes I Wicked! I told them not to keep on their fire
But know I'm in your face, so you'll keep on your fire

Don't say nothing just listen
Got me, got me a plan to break Tyson out of prison
You going my way you get served
Still got a deuce then I bunny hop the curb
Nappy head, nappy chest, nappy chin, never seen with a happy grin
Gotta fat frown cause I'm down, so take a look around
All you see is big black boots, step in, use my steel toe as a weapon
And it's awfully quiet, you want to live with this n****r, to with
From here to New York I get them skins, and I ain't talking about p
Your sly, you pig, dig
Listen from the flow from a soul fro'ed caucasion
Ah, who didn't know I was as funky as Wilson Picket
but ya talkin. . .

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