Versuri Korpiklaani - Under The Sun

Album: Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road

[Music & Lyrics: Jonne JArvelA]

When all around is burning,
You are the flame, you are the sun
You'll burn your way to a secret place
To a place where you can breath

When all around is drowning
You are the one who can fish me up,
The drowning man, out of the lake,
The only one I let to do it

You are the one
(I just want to fly..)
You are the one
(I just want to rise..)
You are the one
(I just want to see..)
You are the one
(Under the sun..)
You are the one..

When my whole world is turning
Wou are the one who keeps me still
You are someone I can lean on
When my own feet are too weak

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