Versuri Korzus - Mass Illusion

Album: Korzus - Mass Illusion

Your memory confuses
Past, present and future
Their money poisons their dignity
how many more are there like you
An acid jacket will be your present
their attitude will be your judgement
after that...
you will receive your part
the kiss of death

Mass illusion Blind bomb
Surrendering to insanity
Under a death's aim
who messes it up dies
No strenght to flee
Turning into hysteria
A flood of searing acid
Burning like fire
all done with diplomacy
They control your life
your mind and your soul

A tear of shame
runs down you face
The nightmare is before you
You try not to believe
you're isolated like a lepper
They walk away and laugh
after that...
you'll get your part
you will receive the kiss of death

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