Versuri Kratos - Inside The Storm

Album: Kratos - Looking Behind The Mirror...

The wind of pain is blowing
The seeds of death are growing
Near, my soul.
The leaves of joy are falling
Around my head they're going
Down, with me.
Inside the storm I'm fighting
The teeth of fear are biting
Hard, from me.
Black thunder sun is lighting
It's sword of war is thrusting
Deep, inside.

The soul of mine is bleeding
The fear of faith is creeping In, my life.
The crowds of thorns are shreding
My forehead that is spreading In, the dust.
Inside the storm I'm standing
The waves of flood are drowning
Me, in slumber.
My world of dreams is crushing
Under the weight of smashing
Tears, of sorrow.

The sins of your soul, are devils within you
The leaves of your heart, are falling down.
There is no escape, no way to defend yourself
The battle is here, inside you.