Versuri Kratos - Looking Behind The Mirror...

Album: Kratos - Looking Behind The Mirror...

I see my soul behind the mirror glass
My mind is gone so far away
Dreaming at those souls behind the clouds
Asking if I'll reach this stairway.

There was a time when I was looking
For the meanings of my life
Through fantasies and willings leaving all behind
To run and hide.

Trying to get with every single moment
Pleasures and to set
My wishes all above I never thought
Someone gets hurt.

Ignoring the time, you'll win this fight,
Escape from this chaos, return into light.

You, shall find
Peace, inside.

And if I'll try to change this sorrow"
But how,
And if I'll try to see the sky"
But why.

Now time has come and I am looking
At the shadows of my life
With all disgrace and anger I close my eyes
From all those times.

I realise that things are not
The way they seems all the time
The mirror is crushed I turn my face to the sky
To see the light.

Lord, show my way, how to escape from this
Forest of grief, how to return to the times with no sins
Oh, I wish I die and reborn from thousand tears droped
On holly ground, and to be.