Versuri Kratos - Reverse Effect

Album: Kratos - Looking Behind The Mirror...

Tears in night
Face of lies
Cry of the universe is faith
The Beauty that's digging your warm grave.

I see the Heaven candles giving light
But every heavy drop comes crushing me
Burning deep
Turn back the time, I've chosen misery
Didn't see the hollow mask of purity.

Its hands are washed in blood
And terror faced by dying souls
The Christianity
Was cradle of most frightful worms.

I'm cursed to become
One with the dust
Cause my last hope
Is dying.

When you're afraid to live
When you can't believe
You hide
Power of mind.

So come alive
Shatter the night
Reveal the lies they told
And claim the unseen face of the truth
For all.

The ancient gods are only wooden masks
I see the worms that dig the way inside
To the core
Strange evil masks who watch your fight Come take this mirror, I can' stand the sight.

Follow me down to the end of the road
Take one more step and open the door.

The chains turn to rust and the key has been lost
There's no turning back, my reflection's REVERSED.