Versuri Kratos - Tempest Within

Album: Kratos - Looking Behind The Mirror...

I see your hands behind
The chains of your life
I feel your burning tears
Your endless cry
Your darkened fears.

I touch your eyes behind
The clouds of your night
I feel your frozen breath
Your desperate need
To stay alive.

Your dreams are blood for me
Your hopes help me feed
You burn, alive.
You cannot die, you've cursed to bleed.

Your mind is drowning
In a sea of despair
You cry, you die.
You vanish slowly in the air.

Your words I can never trust
Are your ghosts from within the past
They'll be haunting you
They'll be watching you.

Your fear you want to hide
You belive, I can never find
Is thy destiny
Of your heathen soul.

Oh, my lonely friend
What they've done to you
What you're gonna do?
Are you going to be
The forgiven one
For eternity.

Will thy be a day
For a better way
For the things you pray?
Will you have the chance
To reveal
The faith to burn the demons
Of your life.