Versuri Kreator - Terror Zone

Album: Kreator - Past Life Trauma

[M: Petrozza/Gosdzik/Fioretti/Reil L: Petrozza c Dark Wings]

[In my opinion one of our best compositions so far. It has often be the opener of a Kreator concert.]

My inner eyes sees many spheres
A cruel dimension where time and space
Distort beyond control
A ride to another center of the universe

My thoughts come undone make me see
The dark stains on my soul

A darkness as cold as ice surrounds me in this place
I probe a veiled phobia , all my own
Creatures crawl out from my weirdest, wildest dreams,
They are flesh, not fantasy, they drag me inside the...


Demons, ghouls, and fiends that once I could ignore
Shred the skin and flesh from my bones
Planets form and die, the cosmos torments me
Unnatural, humongous, neverending...


Now I know what dwells within me
Blood - a river of sweat and tears
Flesh - a land God left behind
Soul - a sky of cloudy fears

Deception and disguise dissolve
Before my inner eyes

My heart turns to stone
God, I'm all alone
Oh, no
All alone


[Taken from the album "Coma Of Souls" 1990]