Versuri Kreator - Tormentor

Album: Kreator - Past Life Trauma

[M: Petrozza/Fioretti/Reil L: Petrozza c Maldoror]

[Traditionally the last song of our set and also one of the most covered ones by other great bands.]

Riding in darkness through the hell of the night
Give all your torment to the heaven's might
In the name of satan spread all your fear
You feel his anger you know he's near
Casting a spell
Lord of all hells

Ripping the angels
God has fell


Baphomet's calling death is now real
Helldogs and demons waiting to kill
Pentagrams shining Luzifer smiles
f*****g the virgin rip out her eyes
Drinking the blood
Fear no god
Now you are dead
Your flesh is dot rot


[Taken from the album "Endless Pain" 1985]

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