Versuri KRISIUN - Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness)

Album: KRISIUN - Apocalyptic Revaltion

Christian descendant sppiled painful
Abhorrent death from immortal sin of lust
Nocturnal pleasures of mother superior
Aborticide inside the temple of holiness
Sacred moribund child-nailed alive seed
Son of the underdog god-impaled to the pit
Impure offering for the damned faith
Saints and crosses occulting the holy morgue

Celebration over the hiding tombs
Praying salvation all pain remains divine
Revealing the truth for it's name
The life has nit conceived
Usurping and betraying for desire
Desecrating the altar of god
New born corpse behind the walls
Innocent souls beyond the light

Pray... Pray... Pray for it's soul
Entangled in darkness
Incessant confessions blessing to the ogad
Straight to the void
Slaughtered brood from a christian womb
Carnal wish inflicts blasphemy
Disguised pervert b***h abort in the name of god
On it's kness it never ends
Silent and lifeless beneath the holy ground
Agonizing souls remain