Versuri KRISIUN - Apocalyptic Victory

Album: KRISIUN - Apocalyptic Revaltion

Come winds and fire
Exalt death in endless flame
Blasting thunder from bloody storm
Grinding flesh thru acid winds
Damned be the mankind empire
Immolated thru eternity
Drowned by the seas of Hell's abomination
Bleeding forth for the tyrant age

Oh gods of infernal war
Strength us with the fury
Let us make the holy preacher bleed
Upon his golden altar
Death and desolatation remains
Malevolent spells spawning worms
On the crosses of fallen church

Revealed unknown faith
Leading us away from the false prophecies
For the winds fire and hell
We offer our pain and will
Unholy massacre certain mutilation
Now the earth drink it's blood
Unleashed by the wrath of the ancient ones
Thru the hatred storms of revelation
Excessive pain and desolation

Hallowed winds of death's prevail
Riding throughout a wasted land
Streams of rotten blood and flesh
Turning existence into ashes
Lifeless bodies lies spawned
Apocalyptic victory rising from human decay