Versuri KRISIUN - Bleeding Offers

Album: KRISIUN - Southern Storm 2008

Severe ways of penitence
Bleeding offers to divine ecstasy
Brutal craft of pure molestation

Echoing words of redemption, calling souls of bleeding earth
Whips crack onto bare backs, decapitation before crucifixion

Sharp razors driven through
Till the bone infiltrate
Sacred daggers of a mad priest
Slash the throat, molesting

Sacrificial painful cult glorify the sadochrist
The crown of thorns is just a prize
To the holy ghost who's sodomized

[Repeat 1st Verse]

Brutal sentence will condemn and purify the unholy soul
Several times stabbed in the back, as blood sprays into the chalice

Ripping flesh torn apart, a divine day beholds condemnation
Decapitation right through the neck
Crucifixion nailed in the back

[Repeat Chorus]

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