Versuri KRISIUN - Bloodcraft

Album: KRISIUN - Assassination

Bloodcraft is the bloodshed
It preys on pagan fears
Blackened fate is what awaits
Nevermind your wasted fate

Bloodcraft is the fury
Of waters raging in silence
The prime of chaos beyond
On the red horizon it stands

Bloodcraft is the carnage
Of all those who were sworn
To free mankind from perversion
And spread the scum of the divine

Bloodcraft out of the heavens
Sends the flagellating rain
The descending star is the sign
That all you fools are gonna die...

Bloodcraft is the bloodshed of pagan nations

Bloodcraft is the pain and death of the idol's servants

Bloodcraft of painful roots
The early days of sacrifice
Stone steel and flesh
The smell of blood divine
Blood sprays towards fire
Sing to thy god a painful chant