Versuri KRISIUN - Contradictions Of Decay

Album: KRISIUN - Southern Storm 2008

There's no true gain
When there's no war and pain
There's no victorious infiltration
Without bloodspill and pillage

There's no sworn savior in in shades of death and sacrilege
There's no land of paradise where lambs of god are sodomized

Salvation is deception, contradictions of decay
Exterminate, procreate, execution of those who pray

Humiliation of deception, contradictions of decay
All martyrs died in vain, contradictions of decay

Burning heresies will burn holy prophecies
Disease and pestilence will infest the promised land

The scum divine of a perverted mother sister
Hollow, holy ground of skeleton's profane
Hollow, holy ground of hidden victims of perversion

[Repeat 1st Verse]

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