Versuri KRISIUN - Rites Of Defamation

Album: KRISIUN - Apocalyptic Revaltion

Mass flagellation entangled in shadows
Blackest winds blowing horror and death
Carrying the corpse stench
Infesting all earth's plaine
Transgressing all races to execution
Pagan frustation-undead light thru devastation
Mortifyed will of divine faith
Endure now the ancient wrath of doom

Cursed premonition whiooed angels bleeding fast
Seas of infinite plague-tortured slaves begging forgiveness
Armies of the dead-dripping in the abyss
Warped in shame-betrayed by god
Breath the toxic ashes the end has just began

By the oath of infernal tyrant prophecy
Destroys the sacred offering reveal the secrecy
Apocalyptic existance extinct to oblivion
Constant blindness incessant woe
Blood in the eyes of saint's image
Created evil end bury the holy savior

Rising darkness showing the bounds
To the light and to the diving spirit
Fallen empire left behind
Dead into black lost dimension
Receiving salvation in a pestilent form
Bestial defamation infamous return