Versuri KRISIUN - Suicidal Savagery

Album: KRISIUN - Assassination

Savage merciless assassination
In a pagan ruined territory

Children of god's annihilation
Women's profane decapitation
Heart of the abysmal world
Opened wide, inferno untamed

Savage cruel destination
To disciples of a suicidal oath
Order of infernal inheritance
Sworn sons to a painful death
Suicidal religious glory
Must destroy all non divine

Origin of the most infernal
Origin of the most hateful to be cast across the planet
Origin of the most vengeful to be spread until it dies

Bombshell shatters all villages
Women and children embrace
Pulverized in a collective grave
Dried blood beneath the sand

Loyal servants of killing
Promised to conquer the heavens
For the glory of the messiah's hunger
Earthly lives must be consumed

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