Versuri KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage

Album: KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage

A predator amongst the flock
Lord of painful carnal blessings
Unleash the works of severance
Reveal the ultimate temptation
Sermons of lust and carnage
Bow to the messiah of lessons in blood
Deflower the sodomized holy seed
Rendering the obscenity of nocturnal priests

Night of the usurpation falls
As the eyes of the impaled saviour watch
Confined within the walls of gold
Children of the cross embraced as corrupted
Depraved venereal sacred wish
Domination of flesh corrupted beliefs
Sodomized buggered preacher
Prayer of the father's forgiven sins

Rites of church cavalry - blackened lustful wish
Secrecies of sacred blasphemies - beyond the golden walls
Chambers of carnage divine - to usurp and rape the purest
Sworn to the heavens - thy father shall not break the oath