Versuri Krokus - Hellraiser

Album: Krokus - Hellraiser

Aaw... gonna take it to the limit... yeah!
Come on...

I've been pushin' my load uphill
And my back is bent
Now I'm lookin' for a thrill
'cause the juice ain't spent
Slippin' in for satisfaction
Gimme a piece of your sweet love action
'Fore the night is through...
Gonna rescue you

'cause I'm a hellraiser

You sink me into oblivion
When you let me in
You make me feel like one in a million
When you moan'n'grin... aw!
Forget about the neighbours
Lettin' it all hang out
We're rockin' this joint
I love to hear you scream and shout...

I'm a hellraiser
No one's beggin' for mercy... slipping and sliding' it in

Aww alright!

[Chorus 3x]

Come again... baby
Mmmmmm gonna slide it right in... aww!

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