Versuri Krokus - World In Fire

Album: Krokus - Change Of Address

You're the magic in my life
Out of the darkness and into the light..
(Oh...only you...)

Under a disguise
Need the spirit in your eyes
(Oh...only you...) your eyes...

I see the world on fire
With passion and desire
The flame of love is burnin' through
My lonely heart is empty
And though they try to tempt me
No one can take the place of you..

In the mirror, I can see
No reflection of you and me..

Swimmin' in sorrow, sea of pain Instant Song Lyrics
Will tomorrow bring you back again? your eyes...



I'm a jester...not a king
I'd still give you everything you need..
Everything you need..

Give me fire...give me light
Break these chains before I die for you..
Only you.. your eyes..

[Chorus x2]

I see the world on fire...

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