Versuri Kruger - Muscle

Album: Kruger - For Death, Glory And The End Of The World

Girls they call me Hulk the Handsome
If they've time to pronounce my name before they come
I am Stupendous Man, I am the God of f**k.
Do you plan to loose a pound or two?
Do you want to get rid of adipose tissue?
Please spend the night in my fuckpad
It's hotter here than downtown Baghdad
You'll loose more weight in twenty minutes
Than with the local fitness season ticket
I've been working on every muscle
It's been a lifelong and faithful battle
My body has been carved into a f*****g machine
I've sculpted every inch of it after Henry Rollins
First Gymnasium, now Solarium, yum-yum !
I need to book my cancer before sanatorium.

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