Versuri Kumm - Hear Myself

Album: Kumm - Angels and Clowns

On the radio
On the answering machine
On the telephone
In a theatre next to me
Million voices are pushing words against my ears
Begging `let me in, give me meaning`
But I just
Hear my self and nobody else,
I just hear my self
From the written page flows a tiny little stream
Straight into my head
Where it whispers and it screams
Conversation dear
Kills me softly with its charm
`Hello, how are you?`
`love you too`
But I just
hear myself and nobody else,
I just
Hear myself
`what do you mean?`
`what do you think that I mean?`
`what do you mean?`
`it doesn’t mean a thing to me!`
`what do I mean?`
`what precisely do you mean?`
`what does it mean?`
`I don’t care, cause I just….`
Hear myself, and nobody else,
I just hear myself

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