La o discutie cu Oliver de la Lacrimas Profundere - interviu

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu Oliver de la Lacrimas Profundere - interviu

Pe Lacrimas Profundere ii vedem in ultima zi de Metalhead Meeting, pe 14 Iunie. Am reusit sa schimb cateva vorbe cu Oliver iar ce a iesit gasiti mai jos.

1. Hello to all of you. How do you feel about playing in Romania?

Hey, fantastic, the first time we've played in Romania was at Sibiu, ARTmania Festival and it was an unforgotten adventure, so we really can't wait to be back and rock the Metalhead meeting on the same stage with so many great bands! WHAT a great billing. We really can't wait and add some old stuff to our longtime Setlist for the first time in about 2 years only for this event, means, we play some good old classics, so for us it's time now to practice a little bit more…

2. Lacrimas Profundere easily changed its sound since its beginning. Who is in charge now for writing music and lyrics?

Normally I jam at home and send the stuff to the others. We always need about 2 or 3 years to charge our batteries and find the right mood to compose, you know, if you wanted to create something special that lasts for eternity you need time to throw yourself into the unknown and see what happens, I think this is what rocknroll means, to lose yourself in music without thinking about musical directions, records sells or terms like Metal, Gothic or Thrash! To come back to the main question: yes we changed the sound, but at the end we still play melancholic music. we only cleaned the facade of the house, put the toilett out and change the bathtub to a shower, but its still our home.

3. How did this change from death metal to gothic metal happened?

You know, every Musician is on a never ending search. A search for new challenges, for the next drink or simply the door to the tourbus, (laughs). We all grow older and we've learned from our mistakes, we don't look left or right and do what other bands do, we only play what we are and what we feel at the moment of composing a new album, We don't paint our faces cause Kiss do it so great, we don't wear masks, cause this is something Slipknot stands for, we arrive at a Club or a festival, jump out of the bus and enter the stage. The only thing I do, is to change my socks, (laughs). We give a s**t to what's “in” at the moment, this life in our band is like a switchback: someday you eat s**t and sleep in ugly rooms, to wake up the next day in something like Hilton with quail eggs in puff paste. We really love the old stuff, but after the “burning: a wish” record we had nothing more to say in this musical direction. Yeah, I think we simply found what we're looking for and I feel very comfortable as the missing link between Type o Negative and Sentenced! Btw, last week I read something really cool on Youtube in the comments to our track “My Release in pain”: one girl said our singer sounds like Villa Valo of “HIM”, another guy wrote that the music sometimes reminds him to “In Flames” and the other guy added, OK, then “HIM FLAMES”, so yes, I can live with that, (laugh). But, never say never, perhaps the next record sounds like „memorandum“ we only let it out and you never can say which color your next s**t looks like! (laughs)!

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing lyrics?

There is only one rule in Lacrimas: let the funny part in Music do the David Hasselhoffs, or the Beach Boys out there and tell in your lyrics about something that happens to yourself! How could I write about fighting a dragon, if I never did? I'm more familiar with something like “don't eat yellow snow” of Frank Zappa or “I'm a wild child” of WASP! Sadly these words are already written, so for us only “my baby left me…” is left but we add the “but I fuckin don't care” to make it “unique”! (laughs)

5. Do you still remember the first days of Lacrimas Profundere? Which artists influenced you back than? Do you still find inspiration from other bands nowadays?

Yeah, of course! Paradise Lost, or Type o Negative and Anathema changes my sight to Music in 1993 and I knew if we ever are able to do own songs, it has to be in this direction, combined with the different roots of the bandmembers.

Inspiration from bands nowdays? No, sorry I can t remember the last actual output that blew my mind like GunsnRoses, or Overkill in the 80s.

6. Talking about nowadays bands, what artists caught your attention lately?

I don't listen to actual bands or music that much, but I can't wait for the new Paradise Lost album „the plague within“, heard some songs and it sounds amazing!

7. What should we expect for Metalhead Meeting? Will it be a musical journey through all of your discography?

I don't know, tell me the playing time, hahaha! We try to do a musical journey from “Burning: a wish” to “Antiadore”. For sure, it is more exiting and challenging to play the new stuff but girls waiting for “ave end” or “amber girl”, this is happening too by the end of the show, so they are satisfied and you know: never dissapoint a women. All in all we have a very cool setlist at the moment!

8. Could you name some literature that you find to be close to Lacrimas Profundere philosphy? Maybe some authors or books that inspired you over the years.

Puh a really hard question, I like The Heroin Diaries incl. the album of Nikki Sixx, but close to our philosophy? Perhaps some lame stuff like a manual of how to brush your teeth, or something like that, laughs!

9. One final thought for your fans and our readers?

Really hot in here, so my thought at the moment is a cold Beer together with some friends, so “Prost” and we see you all soon, thanx a lot for the interview.

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