Versuri Laibach - Espana

Album: Laibach - Volk

Let us sing, comrades,
The great battle song,
Our fierce voices
Shall prove we're strong.

Soldiers, the country
Calls us to the fight.
We swear to her loyalty
To conquer or die.

Triunfa Espana - el fantasma de la Edad de Cor,
Brave is your Jesus - El Toreador!

The fire of battle,
The trumpet of war,
Affrighting the greeding,
The cannons now roar.

Raise your arms, sons
And daughters of Spain,
This glorious nation is
Emerging again.

Triunfa Espana!
Los yunques y las ruedas,
Cantan al compass,
Del himno de la fe.

Gloria, Gloria, crown of the poor,
Brave is your Jesus - El Toreador
Gloria, Gloria, crown of the poor,
Dark was your Jesus - El Conquistador!


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