Versuri Lazarus A.D. - Forged In Blood

Album: Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught

Why now
Forever down
Blind to the admonitions
It cannot be
Our own decree
Sent to destroy our sympathy
Self sense of direction
It cannot be
Our final plea
An act of vengeance takes over me
The end has come for the enemy
Arrested chaotic heart of dismay

The plague has come to eradicate me
The minds thought to bring about a fray
It's over your head
Afflicted and torn this fate storms ahead
The buried truth revealed in the red
Forged in Blood
Exploiting fear
Obtaining more power
A cycle damned and corrupted
Forged in our blood

Why now
Forever bound
Ignore the admonitions
The end will come for the enemy
Arrest our dying sympathy

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