Versuri Lazarus A.D. - Rebirth

Album: Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught

Chaos among the enemy
Violence is the only plea
Hold your breath and f*****g whisper
Rebirth the land of the free
The final tower stands aground
Their tomb awaits as they surround
On their mark a new nation found
Burn that f****r down

Out of the smoldering ashes
The nation is reborn
Burning like the phoenix
An entire species scorn

The end has come, the nation free
Born into an entity
Stand up tall and f*****g cry out
Rebirth the land of the free
The final hour has begun
Victory forever won
And still it stands
None for all
And all for one

The great disaster
For everyone to see
Rebirth the land of the free

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