Versuri Leatherface - Cabbage Case

Album: Leatherface - Cherry Knowle

Dirty man, dead disease, have a real cool time
Lilly livered son of a ritual gun, cattle for slaughter
Low life hell, it's all in vein and all's not well
Inject me life, inject me anything at anytime
And you fix a smile, it's something new
And you would sell your f*****g soul to have just one more
Inject a smile, you'll be dead in a little while
Terraced slum filth dwellings fall, lead in air stunts our fall
Self inflicted self disgrace, sentenced to an armchair death in outer space
Cabbage case, squalid little being in an attic mess
And you will steal my f*****g life to have a good time
I will walk a million miles just to see something truly obscene
To see a man dead on his feet, to see a woman in junk shop street.

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