Versuri Leatherface - Right Reverend

Album: Leatherface - Cherry Knowle

Here comes the right Reverend Jack
His fetish is deathly white and pure, like some official English rose
God be by your side, God be in your life
Right Reverend Jack, jack up your life...
While we gulp down the television war, pissing napalm to the masses
Jesus Christ, Jesus wept
A regular guy in regular ways
A gospel f**k in a f*****g big truck, a bastard gone gasser
Mr. Circumfuck abound the head
Pissing napalm to my brother Fred while sister messian gives in
A war over North Vietnam, where he likes to play Uncle Sam
He won't be seeing you again
Here comes the warning light, wake up, it's time to fight
Reverend Jack will understand...

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